Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long can you play for?

The Ginger Nuts are constantly expanding their repertoire, but at present we can play for around two hours. This can be one, long set, or two or three shorter ones to suit your event.

Q. What do you sound like?

Please see our media page for some footage of our performances.

Q. Can you play...?

You can see our full repertoire here. However, if you have any special requests, for example for a first dance at a wedding, then please feel free to get in touch and we'll try our best to learn it, within reason!

Q. Can you provide music when you're not playing?

We can provide pre-recorded music around all our performances. This can be any style you like - from classical to '50s rock and roll to modern dance music. We may also be able to provide a DJ service for a small extra fee. Please get in touch for details.

Q. Which parts of the country will you travel to?

We're based in Nottingham but are happy to play wherever!

Q. Can we come and see you play?

To find out about any of our upcoming publicly available dates please get in touch for details.

Q. Do you have any references from previous clients?

If you'd like to see some testimonials or if you'd like a full reference then please get in touch.

Q. What do you wear while you are performing?

We usually perform in suits, but are happy to dress to suit your event. However, additional outfits may be at the client's expense.

Q. How much do you usually charge for a performance?

Our rates are very fair, but unfortunately we cannot give a "usual" fee as every event is different. Please get in touch with more details about your event and we can provide you with a personalised quote.

Q. Do you have a contract? Do you require a deposit? Do you have a cancellation fee?

Each booking will be confirmed on the signing of a simple contract and the payment of a deposit. If the performance is then cancelled with less than one month's notice, payment of 50% of the agreed fee will be required by the band. Cancellations with less than 14 days' notice will require payment of the rest of the agreed fee in full. On special occasions, for example New Year's Eve, we will require 100% of our fee on cancellation, regardless of the amount of time before the event. Such arrangements will be stated clearly in the contract before the booking is made.

Q. Can you provide a sound system?

We can arrange the hiring, transport and running of a professional PA system at an extra price. This cost will depend on the size of the event, but is usually between £100 and £300. Alternatively, we are happy to work with the venue's existing PA system and/or engineer.

Q. What do you require in terms of a power supply?

With the exception of especially large events, all we require are four standard mains sockets in reasonable proximity to the stage.